Turning Around the Impounding of Cars

The unjust impounding of cars of our immigrant communities is now beginning to be turned around. The California Court of Appeal has “cleared the way for Police Chief Charlie Beckk to reinstate Special Order 7:

“Under the terms of Special Order 7, if police stop an unlicensed driver who meets several requirements — including having auto insurance, valid identification and no previous citations for unlicensed driving — officers cannot invoke the part of the state vehicle code that authorizes them to confiscate the vehicle for 30 days, a punishment that comes with fines and charges often exceeding $1,200.”

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1 thought on “Turning Around the Impounding of Cars

  1. Don Rosenberg

    Regardless of the fact that the conditions of Special Order 7 has nothing to do with making you a better driver are you aware that the LAPD is not requiring that the driver meet those criteria?

    There is no evidence of any increase of insurance policies since SO7 was adopted.

    In the first year of Special Order 7 impounds decreased 39% and serious injuries and deaths increased 7%. I’m sure you’re aware of the hit and run issue in Los Angeles. Unlicensed drivers are 14% of the cars on the road but they are responsible for 50% of the hit and runs.

    As a professor I would think you could tell the difference between political pandering, law breaking and public safety. As an educated man I shouldn’t have to ask you to do any research on the subject but it’s obvious you haven’t. Are you ready to at least take the financial responsibility for all of these people you believe should be allowed to drive?


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