Say No to Oil Drilling on Prop A Land!

Say NO to oil drilling on Prop A land!  Let your County Supervisors know that you oppose oil drilling on open space land purchased with your Prop A County taxpayer dollars.  If you want to Save Open Space you can: 1.      Attend the 9:30AM, Tuesday, October 29Public Hearing, Board of Supervisors’ Chamber  500 W. Temple Street, LA 90012.

2.      Send your opposition letters and make your calls to each member of the Board of Supervisors:

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, (213) 974-2222

Supervisor Gloria Molina, (213) 974-4111

Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, (213) 974-3333

Supervisor Don Knabe, (213) 974-4444

Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, (213) 974-5555


·        In 1992 County voters approved Prop A taxing themselves to create a fund to forever acquire, restore and preserve parks, wildlife and open space land throughout the County. ·        Whittier took your taxpayer dollars to buy property for public open space. Now they want to “lease” that land to a private oil company for 25 years to drill for oil.

·        Oil drilling royalties will go to the Oil Company and Whittier’s General Fund and not benefit other LA County communities or at-risk youths.

·        The Oil Project sits next to an active Whittier Fault line which increases the potential for oil pipe ruptures or spills.

·        Apart from disrupting core protected habitat, creating visual blight, closing hiking trails and subjecting the local community to dangers of noise, air and potential water pollution, this sets a dangerous precedent for the use and development of Prop A Open Space in all county communities. For more information, please visit: or image003

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