Remembering Maria Zapata Calderón

on this day and celebrating all that she sacrificed to allow for me to be where I am today. She passed away on Nov. 2, 1993 at the age of 91.


All that I am Jose's-Mom-2

Has its roots in your warmth, love,

And Sacrifice.


As your health failed you –

You came to live with us in California

And we were blessed with

Your stubbornness, your laughing smile.


There were so many times

That you wanted to go home –

“Ya me voy, Ya es tiempo de irme,”

You would say.


Although your memory could not

Quite tell you where you

Wanted to go,

You knew that California

Was not your home.


In your last days, you repeated

To me, “Ya es tiempo de irme.”

And now – I know where you have been –

And how far you have come.


You are back home near the East Side Barrio

Of Colorado now

Where your friends are—

Where you don’t have to suffer anymore.


The rows are not so long now –

And, I know that

You can see more than life has to give.

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