President Obama has the executive power to stop deportations

Votantes Latinos asked: “when folks say there are executive orders to halt deportations, what specifics are, something like daca, temporary, Its good if specifically stated what executive order can be, for example defund secure communities, do you have any example of recommendations on executive orders?
President Obama has the executive power to stop deportations. All that the Obama administration has to do is to order the Department of Homeland security to stop the deportations and to make sure that no one is deported because they are undocumented. Although the Obama administration claims that it supports only deporting those convicted of serious crimes, the 2012 statistics show that 34 percent of those deported were for non-violent crimes involving drugs or alcohol whereas 0.05 percent were deported for homicide convictions. “Although ICE reports that it is committed to maximising the removal of those who pose the greatest threat to public safety or national security”, most of the so-defined or so-called “criminals” it deports pose no such threat.” Obama right now can use his executive power to immediately stop the deportations of our undocumented brothers and sisters, who are not hard-core criminals, but whose only crimes are to work to feed their families here and abroad? At the same time, he has the power to broaden DACA: (see the analysis of a legal expert in this link in La Opinion)

Obama podría ampliar DACA’, según experto


Response #2

“The president has many tools at his disposal to provide temporary relief to immigrants in the U.S.” See the link to this analysis:

The President Can Fix the Broken Immigration System Today

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