Presentation at a PACE Parent Recognition Dinner

Presentation at a PACE Parent Recognition Dinner: “All of you here represent the great strides that have been made in advancing the optimal capacities of our children and families – and in increasing their potential. For, as we all know – that it is the unleashing of the capacities of our children and families as a form of preventive care that, in the long run, is helping to change the paths that, in the past, have sentenced our children(through no fault of their own) to a life of exclusion, incarceration, and death at an early age. Let us all work together — then — so that our families can have access to the types of resources that will ensure that they have good jobs – and so that our children have the high quality education, nutrition, healthcare, and caring that they deserve.

1452006_10151835706946309_1979270275_nUltimately, it does not make sense to spend so much on our prison system when we could ultimately lower the incarceration rates – by investing in our early education programs and ensure that the gains made are continued in the pipeline of K-12 and higher education.”

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