Thanksgiving Tradition 2013

Singing De Colores at the end of a “dia de gracias” where, over the years in our home we have developed a tradition, started by Linda Mitchell, where we remember the collectivity and love for humanity of the indigenous communities (the Algonquin band of Wampanoags), where we practice this culture by all bringing a part of the meal, and where we share what we are

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

thankful for. The gathering began in the 1980’s as part of bringing together family and friends and those who could not visit their families during the holidays. Over the years, many of these friends have now developed families themselves and the tradition has continued. On this day, we light candles, decorate with flowers, and remember the indomitable spirit of Linda Mitchell and other organizers who have passed away but whose spirit for social change remains as a part of us in all we do.

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