Producer Cooperatives as a New Mode of Production(Book)

Thanks to Rudy Torres for sharing. Certainly, there is a need to study new forms of production. With the inability of traditional politics and politicians internationally not being able to come up with viable solutions to a growing economic crisis, there is a growing movement to advance theories and practices for a new economy.

This movement, is one that is based on rethinking the nature of ownership and rethinking the definition of “growth” as a basis for gauging whether there is progress.


The issue of how to build examples of “systemic change” where the resources are used for a new type of growth that is rooted in creating a better quality of life for all — is before us. This can include worker-owned companies, cooperatives, and social enterprises that use the people’s resources for serving just and equitable community-building goals – a new movement that is collective and based on challenging the undemocratic policies bred by the character of this systemic structure.

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