“Cesar’s Last Fast” at Pasadena Playhouse

“Cesar’s Last Fast”

The documentary, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year, shows the untold story of civil rights leader Cesar Chavez.  Inspired by social teachings, Cesar Chavez risked his life fighting for America’s poorest and underrepresented workers.  The film highlights the intensity of one man’s devotion and personal sacrifice, including a 36 day fast, to help spark an economic justice movement and tell an important piece of civil rights history in America.

“Cesar’s Last Fast” will be showing April 18-24th in New York at the Quad Theater and April 25-May 1st in Los Angeles at the Pasadena Playhouse.  The Director of the movie will be doing Q & A at the 7:10pm and 9:45pm showing on Friday and Saturday at the Pasadena screening.  Please help us spread the word to your organization by sending this information and attached information to your listserv, posting on your website, and organizing members to see the movie in honor of Cesar Chavez.  If you plan to organize a group of people to watch “Cesar’s Last Fast,” please let me know via e-mail.  The Quad Theater in New York and the Laemmle Theater in Pasadena both offer discount tickets for groups of 10-25 people that attend the documentary screening.

 For more information, visit http://cesarslastfast.com.  You can view the trailer here along with informational materials that are attached.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  Thank you for your help and support.


Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle

Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle, an investigative look at the life and mysterious death of pioneering journalist Ruben Salazar premieres on PBS on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 9:00 PM.


Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle examines the life and mysterious death of pioneering journalist Ruben Salazar. At the heart of the story is Salazar’s transformation from a mainstream, establishment reporter to primary chronicler and supporter of the radical Chicano movement of the late 1960s. Killed under mysterious circumstances by a law enforcement officer in 1970, Salazar became an instant martyr to Latinos – many of whom had criticized his reporting during his lifetime. Adding to the Salazar mystique is that the details of how he was killed have been obscured in the ensuing four decades since his death.

Featuring material from recently released files obtained by the filmmaker, Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle removes Salazar from the glare of myth and martyrdom and offers a clear-eyed look at the man and his times. The film, produced and directed by Phillip Rodriguez, includes interviews with Salazar’s friends, colleagues and family members, and Salazar’s own words culled from personal writings.

Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle reveals the truth about the pioneering journalist’s life and death, removing him from the shadows of legend and restoring him to his rightful place in history. The Salazar story had long been considered to be an ethnic story, a regional story,” says filmmaker Rodriguez. “But it is much bigger than that. This is a story about a regular guy who, motivated by principle, challenges an abusive authority at great risk to himself – it’s a classic American story.”

The documentary is made possible by support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS, Latino Public Broadcasting, Cal Humanities and the California Community Foundation. Airfare is provided by Southwest Airlines.

Water and Power Movie

Release Date: May 2, 2014


Twin brothers nicknamed “Water” and “Power” from the hard scrabble Eastside streets of Los Angeles rise like prince’s through the city’s political and police ranks to become players in a complex and dangerous web of the powerful and corrupt of Los Angeles. One a decorated cop – the other a senator, find themselves in a seedy motel room on the eastern edge of Sunset Boulevard on a dark and rainy night. Something has gone very wrong. Can Power exist without Water? The Fixers and Powers of the city need answers. Everybody is looking for the Twins.

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