Artist Paul Botello

With artist Paul Botello at a mural that he and Pitzer students painted in1997 and that now we want to preserve. It is at Pitzer College on the wall at Mead Dorm – a dorm that is planned to be torn down in the future and there are no plans to save the mural. Some of the students, who helped with the mural, have gone on to use art in their communities and for social change. Joleen Montoya, for example, went on to develop an art center teaching art to young people in New Mexico. Reyna Toledo, another student who worked on the mural, continues to advance the art of indigenous dance in the Watsonville area.
We met with a Pitzer administrator, who is on the committee overseeing these future plans. We strongly urged preserving this mural made by Paul in collaboration with many students who are now alumni. We are urging letters to the President of Pitzer College to preserve the mural.


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  1. Edgar

    Hello, I’m Edgar Juarez, I’m currently a Student at San Diego Mesa College, and wanted to reach out to both Jose Calderon and Paul Botello. I currently have a final assignment for my Chicano Studies class on artist Paul Botello and all his great accomplishments. I would appreciate any type of help or guidance that would lead me in the right direction.
    Thank, Sincerely
    Edgar Juarez


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