LRT Meeting on Sat., November 14th

You are invited to the membership meeting of the Latino and Latina Roundtable on Saturday, November 14th at 1 PM at the Pitzer College Broad Center (1050 N. Mills Ave.) Room 208 in Claremont.  At this meeting, the proposed nominees for the various board positions of the organization will be verified and voted on.  We need your attendance at this meeting to ensure your voice in who will represent you on the board.  The meeting will also include plans for a membership retreat for the new year, updates on this year’s Cesar Chavez breakfast, summary of partnership with dA center on this year’s Aztlan exhibit activities, future forum on elections, and immigrant rights, organizational, and community development efforts.  We look forward to your attendance and participation in this most important meeting.

Jose Zapata Calderon

Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Chicano/a and Latino/a Studies

1050 North Mills Avenue

Claremont, CA 91711-6101

(909) 952-1640

Website:  www.josezcalderon.comLLRLogo

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