LRT Social Justice Scholarship- Accepting Applications Until March 6

The Latino(a) Roundtable is extending our deadline for our 2016 Social Justice Scholarship until Sunday March 6, 2016.

Please help us in spreading the word and encouraging eligible students to apply!

The Latino(a) Roundtable is seeking to financially reward young activist from the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley who will be attending a University or Community College for the 2016-17 school year pursuing their bachelors who has demonstrated a commitment to social justice as evidenced by their involvement in community organizing.

Requirements: Social Justice Application, 2 page Personal statement and two letters of recommendation speaking to the students character and activism.

Help us in recognizing young leaders in our community!!

serve the people,

Amy Dennise Reyes Tam

LRT Scholarship Application 2016-Extended Deadline March 6 2016


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