Invitation to Latino/a Roundtable Dia De Los Muertos Event

The Latino and Latino Roundtable and dA wholeheartedly invite you, as part of building community and familia,  to a “Community Celebration de los Muertos y Los Vivos” on Sunday, November 6th from 3 – 6 PM at the dA Center for the Arts (252 Main Street) in Pomona.  The event is a celebration of our loved ones and role models who have passed — and also a celebration of our lives.  The “Community Celebration de los Muertos y los Vivos”  will include an interactive altar, crafts for the whole family, music, story sharing, and food.  We hope to teach each other through sharing about celebrating life, death, and family.  Please bring a picture or “recuerdo” (an item symbolic) of a loved one to add to the altar.  (All pictures and iterms will be returned)

Latino and Latina Roundtable of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley

dA Center for the Arts


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