Urgent request in support of translators and interpreters

Hi LRT Members and Friends,

Please read below the information that is being shared regarding interpreters and translators in CA.

Freelance interpreters and translators have provided valuable services free of charge to our organization over the years. As of January 2020, California law prevents language service providers from subcontracting them, on account of which they have lost a major portion of their income. California’s AB2257, addresses this problem, and is expected to reach the floor of the California Senate any day now. Our interpreters are requesting calls to the bill’s author to include the following final amendments to AB2257. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the coordinator of our interpreting team, Madeline Rios at 909-263-4579.

Thank you in advance for supporting our interpreters and translators.

Here is the request that our interpreters are asking you to make to Assembly Member Gonzalez at (916) 319-2080:

1) Given that court interpreter and registration exams are currently unavailable due to COVID19, please include a 2-year moratorium in AB2257 during which interpreters and translators may continue to work as freelancers for those assignments that do not require certifications or registrations.

2) Please clarify the bill so that freelance interpreters and translators may subcontract with one another and not just with referral agencies.

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