Invitation to rally at Cerda Park and Caravan to Chicano Moratorium Commemoration in East L. A.

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Join the Pomona delegation of the 50th Annual Chicano Moratorium. The Chicano Moratorium we will be commemorating took place on August 29, 1970 in East LA.

The Chicano Moratorium was the largest anti-war movement led by Chicanos.

Pomona participated in the event in 1970. 50 years later, we are participating again. Pomona has a long history of Chicano activism against imperialism as well as against police brutality.

We will meet at Tony Cerda Park at 8AM to hear from some of Pomona’s original 1970 participants and then at 9AM we will caravan to Whittier blvd. in Pico Rivera.  

We are demanding the original demands of the first moratoriums as well as adding new demands.

Demands: self-determination, the liberation of women, ending Chicano military drafting into wars like Vietnam, pro-peace, stopping U.S. military intervention, ending racism, ending police killings/crimes, proper access to bilingual and quality public education, good jobs, equality for all, access to health care, benefits for veterans and the elderly, housing, political representation, legalization for all, fair and humane immigration, stopping Trump’s administration/policies, environmental justice, solidarity with all oppressed nations if the world, and ending white supremacy, privatization of public and social services

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