Invitation to Parent Seminar on College Readiness support

You are invited to join in on the Parent Living the Dream Webinar  on February 3 (with one session from 8:30 am -10 am and another from 5:30 pm – 7 pm) – Sponsored by the Latino and Latina Roundtable, Pomona Unified School District, representatives from area colleges, parents, and students – (as part of College for All Coalition readiness/pipeline efforts).  As a follow-up to a seminar run by students that drew over 300 participants, Parents in this seminar will speak on their experiences of how they have helped to support their young students in preparing for college, applying, being admitted, and the support they have given after.  You must register and the link is on the flyer.  Please get it out to your contacts and parents who are interested.  Thank you. 

Jose Calderon

President of the Latino and Latina Roundtable


Soni Gianchandani

Community Services Clerk/Secretary

Pupil and Community Services

Pomona Unified School District

(909)397-4800 ext. 23944


Living the Dream Webinar flyer 2-3-21 Living the Dream Webinar flyer 2-3-21 SPANISH Living the Dream Webinar flyer 2-3-21 CHINESE

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