Invitation to LRT event: On “Braceros” book by Rosa Martha Zarate on August 12 at 4 PM

The Latino/Latina Roundtable invites you to a Zoom educational event on August 12, 2021 at 4 pm.  The Zoom Link is:

This is an event to introduce the book “Our Grandfathers were Braceros and We Too” written by Rosa Martha Zárate Macías, a lifelong advocate for the Braceros together with historian Abel Astorga Morales. The book is both in English and Spanish (I provided the English translation).

The authors and translator donated their services in preparing this book. All proceeds that would normally go to the authors and translator will be given to a trust for the “My Grandfather was a Bracero and I Too organization.”

The event seeks to promote ethnic studies, raise awareness on the history of Mexican labor in the US as part of the history of immigrant labor, advocate for the rights of immigrant labor, including the right to freely seek and maintain employment, and promote ethnic studies. We also want to promote the book itself. It is available at:

Our Grandfathers Were Braceros And We Too…: Morales, Abel Astorga, Zarate Macias, Rosa Martha, Rios, Madeline Newman: 9798522364540: Books 

For more information, please contact: 

Madeline Newman Rios, C.T., M.A. 
Office: 909-621-9600 
Cell: 909-263-4579


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